Abner Belk CP-06-CR-0003236-2012

Photo from Reading Eagle

Photo from Reading Eagle

  1. On Saturday May 26,2012 at 0751 hours members of the Wyomissing Police Department responded to the Metro Bank at 2101 State Hill Road Wyomissing, Berks County, Pennsylvania for a report of a robbery that just occurred.
  2. Investigators learned that a white male suspect entered the bank at approximately 0746 hours and approached the teller, Victim#1. at the teller line. The suspect was described as a middle-aged male with white baseball hat.  He kept his left hand on which he was wearing a white latex-type glove, behind his back as he approached the counter. The suspect handed Victim#1 a handwritten note demanding cash and an empty white envelope.  No weapon was displayed.  The suspect exited the bank through the same door he entered and walked to a parked vehicle on the North side of the building.
  3. A second employee, Witness#1. stated that she observed the suspect’s vehicle leave the scene. Witness #1 described the vehicle as a 2000’s, sliver Chevrolet Malibu-type vehicle. She described the license plate on the rear of the vehicle as being somewhat yellow in color, like a wildlife-type tag.
  4. Upon examining the footage, the suspect appeared to be a white, middle-aged male, wearing a gray t-shirt, gray pants, black sneakers with white on the soles, sunglasses, and a white baseball cap with a red and black logo.
  5. Based on information obtained from the demand note, I contacted Metro Bank security officer Mary DISHONG and asked her to search for additional surveillance footage.
  6. On May 30, 2012 I was contacted by DISHONG who informed me they isolated footage of a subject who entered the Metro Bank at 2101 State Hill Rd. on Friday 05/25112 at 1848hrs. This subject used the ATM in the vestibule to check his account balance. He was identified as Abner BELK of 305 Laurel Ridge Rd apt #13, Reinholds. Berks County, PA – date of birth 05/19/1961. His appearance was similar to that of the suspect.
  7. The manager of the apartment unit where BELK resides related that BELK drives a silver Chevrolet Cobalt and works at Homewood Suites in Spring Township.
  8. Wyomissing PD Criminal Investigator George BELL and I checked Homewood Suites and found a 2007 silver Chevrolet Cobalt bearing Pennsylvania registration WR0354B, which is registered to Abner BELK 305 Laurel Ridge Road Apt. 13 Reinholds, Pa. 17569. The registration plate is a Wildlife Resources plate.
  9. On June 05, 2012, your affiant received a search warrant for the Metro Bank account records pertaining to BELK’s accounts. I learned that BELK made three cash deposits after the robbery (05/26/12 at 1103hrs, 05/31/12, and 06/01/12) .
  10. Also included in these records were copies of handwritten checks for his account.  Wyomissing PD Sgt. William. Roecker, who is trained in questioned document examinations, compared the demand note presented by the suspect at the time of the robbery to the handwriting on the checks for BELK’s account. Sgt. Roecker preliminarily concluded that there are similarities between the samples and the demand note.
  11. On ‘June 07, 2012, your affiant obtained a search warrant for BELK’s apartment. Found during that search were several gray t-shirts, gray pants, black sneakers with white on the soles, and a white envelope containing cash.
  12. BELK voluntarily agreed to speak with investigators during the search of his apartment. He was transported to the Wyomissing Police Department by Criminal Investigator George Bell and I. BELK signed a notification of non-arrest form at 1835hrs. During the interview, BELK informed us that he committed the Metro Bank robbery on 05/26/12.
  13. BELK was read his Miranda Rights at 1859hrs. He waived his rights and provided investigators with a signed question-and-answer statement detailing the robbery.
  14. Based on the information received and investigation conducted, I ask that a warrant of arrest be issued for Abner BELK.

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Holly Levan CP-06-CR-0005774-2001

The following affidavit of probable cause consists of a number of incidents which occured in Colebrookdale Township, Berks county, between the dates of February 28, 2001 and September 5, 2001. In each of the incidents, a uniformed police officer of the Colebrookdale District Police Department responded to a police dispatch of harassment.

On February 28, 2001 at approximately 0626hrs, CDPD responded to 407 N. Reading Ave, to meet Holly Levan, for a report of a note that was left on the windshield of her vehicle. The note was written in red marker, “I will get you”.  At that time, Levan advised that she had parked her vehicle at 1815hrs on 2-27-01 and her live in boyfriend, Allen Detwiler came home at 2300hrs on 2-27-01 and did not notice the note. Infering that niether of the two of them had left the note.

On March 15, 2001 at approximately 2242hrs, CDPD responded to 407 N. Reading Ave, to meet Holly Levan and her boyfriend, Allen Detwiler. Upon arrival, the CDPD was advised that a note had been found in the front door at that residence.  The note was computer generated and said “I will get you sometime some how beware” .

On March 27, 2001 at approxiately 2107hrs, CDPD responded to 407 N. Reading Ave, to meet Holly Levan. She advised that she had found a note in a bush located in her yard, behind her parked vehicle. The note was written on a napkin and in orange marker, “this is the end”.

On April 5, 2001 at approximately 2205hrs, CDPD responded to 407 N. Reading Ave, to meet Allen Detwiler. Allen advised that he had gotten a letter in the mail that was directed towards Holly Levan. The letter was on a store bought type, printed greeting card that read, “Too depressed to write more ..hand shaking as crying continues ••.. can hardly keep pen on paper.” There was a personalized note typed on the greeting card and read, “Holly, you have destroyed s0 many peoples lives and have brainwashed your kids that it is time for you to pay. As you have been warned you can run but you can’t hide. There will be a time when you will let your guard down and somebody will get you. So far it has been just warnings on the road and in writing. But soon there will be action. You will pay for all you have doner They will never know who did it or who to suspect until it is to late for anyone to Bay good bye. I do not care who is around they will all go down. There will be not witnesses. It may be done by a person or mechanical failure, or even by mail. Everybody will have to wait and see. Oh I bet the suspense is killing you.”

On April 8, 2001 at approximately 1905hrs, CDPD responded t 931 N. Reading Ave, the home of Holly Levan’s parents, for a report of another that was found. Holly Levan, advised CDPD that she found a note taped to her license plate on her vehicle. It was a tissue with writing in orange marker. It read, I “yes you were followed and found. Thee are many of us out there • Levan gave the account that she was at work from 0700-l600hrs on this same dat and was only at her parents for an hour when she found the note. Her account waB that the note may have been left sometime after 12 noon on this same date.

On April 17, 2001 at approximately 0002hrs, CDPD responded 0 407 N. Reading Ave and met with Allen Detwiler. He advised that he had just arrived at the residence and noticed a note on the windshield of Holly Levan’s vehicle. The note was on pink pocket notebook paper and was written in red ink, in stencils and also had red ink smears on it. It read, “this blood could be yours” also with the note was a white, plastic knife with red ink smears on it, Holly Levan was present at the time and gave the account that at approximately 2045hrs she arrived home. At 2130hrs she left her dogs out and at 2200hrs hey were barking but she never saw anything, infering that someone else had lef the note.

On April 20, 2001 at approximately 1800hrs, CDPD responded to 407 N. Reading Ave and met with Holly Levan. She advised CDPD that her son and her father had found a polaroid picture of her. This picture had a hole put through her head and chest with an unknown object.

On April 22, 2001 at approximately 1958hrs, CDPD responded to 931 N. Reading Ave and met with Holly Levan. She advised CDPD that her father noticed a white envelope sticking out of her left front hubcap on her vehicle. That note was addressed to Ms. Holly Weller-Levan-Dewiler.  It is quite lengthy in nature however some of its contents read, “I hope you have enjoyed the time you have had with your kids because you never know when it could be your last day with
them.  Also enjoy the time you have with your so called boyfriend …because you never know when that will end either.”

On April 28, 2001 at approximately 0959hrs, CDPD responde to 407 N. Reading Ave and met with Holly Levan. Levan advised that she found a other note, this time on the hood of her car. It had a magnet on it to keep it on the vehicle.  This note was also quite lengthy and some of its contents read , “Tell everyone you know who is involved to be on their toes and always look behind you. I bet you are running scarred from all the notes that have appeared. I will never get
cought because I have been using using many different ways an much caution in case you were dumb enough to to hire a body guard, use a viddeo camera or other things .••you will hear hear from me or somebody else sometime or somewhere so beware.”

On May 6, 2001 at approximately 2150hrs, CDPD responded t 407 N. Reading Ave to meet Holly Levan. She stated that she had found a note tha was attached by glue to her car’s passenger side headlight. The note was on a small piece of pink paper and read, “Things to do before the end, annoy, fol ow, scare, give warnings, threaten, show possibilities, tell possibilities, skook, mischief, pranks, play around car, threaten more, scare people that are loved, threaten more, cause to look back all the time, destroy all involved, e very careful not to get caught.” Levan advised CDPD that she had moved her car at 2030hrs on this same date and did not notice the note, infering that someone lse must have left the note. Allen Detwiler noticed the note when he got home at 2145hrs on this date.

On May 8, 2001 at approximately 1B3Bhrs, CDPD responded 407 N. Reading Ave after an off duty CDPD ofticer noticed a note on the garage at this address.  This note was identical to the one found on 5/6/01.

On May 9, 2001 at approximately 1845hrs, CDPD responded to 407 N. Reading Ave to meet with Allen Detwiler. He advised that he found some items in the alley along side the garage at this property. Those items were a packet of domestic violence paperwork with Berks County information on them. These items were burnt around the edges. A small booklet titled “Helping a child grieve and grow” and one titled “Answers to a child’s questions about death”, there was also a small white candle which had been previously burnt.

On May 14, 2001 at approximately 1904hrs, CDPD responded 10 931 N. Reading Ave and met with Holly Levan. At that time, Levan advised that when her mother went to pick up her (Levan’s) mail at the post office. When she got back to 931 N. Reading Ave she noticed there was a bulky envelope addressed to Mrs Holly-Levan-Detwiler. The envelope had a cancelled first class stamp, post marked at New Berlinville Post Office. Considering the threatening contents of letters previously received including the letter received on April 5, 2001. CDPD decided
to callout CDPD’s bomb detection dog and his handler, as well as the Reading Bomb Squad. The envelope was x-rayed and it was still unknown what was inside the envelope, therefore it was sprayed in the bomb squad’s water cannon. It was determined at that time that the contents were a Craftman pocket screwdriver, several rubber bands and paperclips.

On June 5, 2001 at approximately 1705hrs, Holly Levan called CDPD and advised that she had just received a phone call while at work, from her mother.  According to Levan, her mother had picked up Levan’s mail and taken it to her own residence at 931 N. Reading Ave. It was then that she noticed another bulky envelope. CDPD responded to 931 N. Reading Ave and requested CPD’s bomb detection K9 and handler again but they had a delayed responle time. Therefore CDPD officers on scene opened the envelope. It contained a paperclip, rubber band, metal tie, string and a plastic connector. Also in the envelope was a computer generated note with pictures of dynamite sticks and a round bomb. The note read, “time is running out for you to figure out what is going to happen and who is all involved. soon it will be all over and the notes will stop. you will never know if you will be safe or not”.

On July 15, 2001 at approximately 1629hrs, CDPD was dispatched to respond to their police department, 765 W. Philadelphia Ave, to meet Holly Levan regarding her finding another note. Levan advised CDPD that she found the note on her vehicle, near the windshield wipers. This note was on a ripped brown bag and was hand written in black ink, “PFA or not I will get you, it also had red or orange marker smeared on it.

On July 15, 2001 at approximately 2210hrs, CDPD responded 0 407 N. Reading Ave. Holly Levan advised she found another note. This note was on the ground near the garage. It read, “something might happen at anytime look out.” Levan also stated that she had seen her ex-husband, Scott Levan in the area of her residence approximately five minutes before she got home and found the note leading us to believe him to be a possible suspect.

On several occasions throughout this time period, I, Officer Mathias believing Holly Levan, to be a victim in this case, had numerous conversations with her about this case.  She periodically provided myself and other officers with  information of her seeing her ex-husband in the area of her house.  I advised her that we were keeping a look out for his vehicle and she gave descriptions of other vehicles, owned by his f&mily members, that he may be driving, such as a
dark blue pick up truck, a red van and a red SUV. On numerous occasions she would call CDPD and say that she had just seen her ex-husband Scott Levan drive past her house, leading us to believe we may find a note left by him on her car or around her house.  During this time, CDPD officers made random , daily checks of the residence at 407 N. Reading Ave and 931 N. Reading Ave, hoping to catch someone on the property or leaving a note and these checks were unsuccessful in doing so.  Additionally, the following dated notes were packed and sent to PSP Reading Crime Lab for fingerprint analysis: 3/27/01, 4/5/01, 4/8/01, 4/17/01, 4/23/01, 4/28/01, 5/8/01, 5/9/01. No latent fingerprints were found on any of these notes.

On September 5, 2001 at approximately 2205hrs, I, Officer Mathias, took a written statement from the defendant, Holly Levan, admitting that she is the one who wrote all of the notes in question and that she mailed or put each of these notes. wherever they were found.

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Bethany Lynn Helbert CP-06-CR-0002154-2010

On Friday 1-8-10 at 2022hrs I responded to 1032 Mulberry St for a complaint of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. On location, MARY ANN HELBERT told me that her step-daughter, BETHANY LYNN HELBERT, took her 2003 blue Pontiac Vibe(PA reg- GCM7757) without permission and crashed it. MARY said that she .received a call from Trooper Lang with the PA State Police. Trp Lang told MARY that her vehicle was in an accident on the 1-81 South ramp to Progress Ave in Susquehanna Township, Daulphin County. The report number for this accident is H01-1909250. MARY ANN told me that BETHANY took her car without permission and drove it to Harrisburg to visit a boyfriend. MARY ANN said she had no knowledge that BETHANY took the car, and would not have allowed BETHANY to take it if she would have asked.

BETHANY was standing next to MARY when MARY told me about the accident and unauthorized use of her vehicle. I asked BETHANY if she took the Pontiac Vibe without permission. She said yes that she did. I asked her where she took the keys from and she pointed to a shelf on the wall. MARY ANN wanted BETHANY charged and for BETHANY to pay for the damages to the car.

Based on the investigation conducted and information received I respectfully request a Summons be issued to BETHANY LYNN HELBERT for the charge listed in this complaint.

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