Bethany Lynn Helbert CP-06-CR-0002154-2010

On Friday 1-8-10 at 2022hrs I responded to 1032 Mulberry St for a complaint of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. On location, MARY ANN HELBERT told me that her step-daughter, BETHANY LYNN HELBERT, took her 2003 blue Pontiac Vibe(PA reg- GCM7757) without permission and crashed it. MARY said that she .received a call from Trooper Lang with the PA State Police. Trp Lang told MARY that her vehicle was in an accident on the 1-81 South ramp to Progress Ave in Susquehanna Township, Daulphin County. The report number for this accident is H01-1909250. MARY ANN told me that BETHANY took her car without permission and drove it to Harrisburg to visit a boyfriend. MARY ANN said she had no knowledge that BETHANY took the car, and would not have allowed BETHANY to take it if she would have asked.

BETHANY was standing next to MARY when MARY told me about the accident and unauthorized use of her vehicle. I asked BETHANY if she took the Pontiac Vibe without permission. She said yes that she did. I asked her where she took the keys from and she pointed to a shelf on the wall. MARY ANN wanted BETHANY charged and for BETHANY to pay for the damages to the car.

Based on the investigation conducted and information received I respectfully request a Summons be issued to BETHANY LYNN HELBERT for the charge listed in this complaint.

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