Scott Thomas Geiswite CP-47-CR-0000035-2008

This incident occurred as on or about August 2007, the DEFENDANT removed multiple Credit Card Checks and personal checks which belonged to his Grandmother, Peggy GEISWITE, from her residence located at 166A Indian Run Rd in Valley Twp, Montour County, Pennsylvania. The DEFENDANT proceeded to make the checks payable to himself and forge his Grandmother’s signature. The DEFENDANT then cashed the checks profitting from them in the following

Chase Credit Card Check # 2204 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $900.00
Chase Credit Card Check # 2205 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $800.00
FNB personal check # 6321 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $100.00
FNB personal check # 6322 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $175.00
FNB personal check # 6323 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $100.00
FNB personal check # 6324 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $75.00
FNB personal check # 6325 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $100.00
FNB personal check # 6326 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $100.00
FNB Credit Card Check # 2300 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $100.00
FNB Credit Card Check # 2301 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $350.00
FNB Credit Card Check # 2302 made out to and subsequently cashed by THE DEFENDANT in the amount of $350.00

The victim reported this incident when she found charges to her accounts which she did not authorize. She signed affidavits of forgery with FNB bank and reported fraudulent activity to both credit companies. The victim advised me that she did not sign any of the aforementioned checks nor did she authorize THE DEFENDANT to sign them. She explained that THE DEFENDANT lived next to her during the summer of 2007 and was frequently in and around her home where he could have had access to her mail and her checkbook.

THE DEFENDANT was interviewed on 09/24/07 at PSP Milton. He was advised of his Miranda Rights, acknowledged understanding of same, signed a Rights waiver and warning, and agreed to speak with me about this incident. He admitted to taking his Grandmother’s checks, forging her signature, writing the checks out to himself, and cashing them.  He recalled cashing some of the checks at the Susquehanna Community Bank in Shamokin Dam where he had an account at the time.

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Scott Thomas Geiswite CP-19-CR-0000728-2008

The Defendant in this case, Scott Thomas GEISWITE, engaged in a course of conduct over the specified time period of Theft by Deception related offenses against the victims. GEISWITE would tell the victims stories of personal tragedy and/or suffering in order to gain money from them to allegedly assist him in dealing with the tragedies and/or suffering. After receiving the fraudulently obtained money from the victims, GEISWITE would then spend the money on his normal personal everyday bills such as rent, groceries, etc. and not towards dealing with his originally stated reasons. The stories that GEISWITE told each victim in order to obtain the money were ultimately found to be fabricated, and therefore led the victims to give him the money that they would not have given him had the truth been revealed beforehand.

 VICTIM #1: Nancy Shuman HOCK Foundation

Several days prior to July 16, 2008 the Defendant Scott GEISWITE contacted the Nancy Shuman HOCK Foundation, located in Mt. Pleasant Twp., and spoke with Nancy HOCK.  He claimed to have a 6 year old son named Jake to his ex wife and that Jake had leukemia. He claimed that Jake was going to be treated at the st. Jude’s Hospital out of state and he needed a little more than $300 to travel there. HOCK stated her Foundation is set up to help persons in need so she agreed to donate money for the stated cause. On July 16th she wrote a check to GEISWITE for $2,350 (in excess of what GEISWITE had requested) to make sure their travel expenses were covered for the treatment. HOCK dropped the check off to GEISWITE at the Winn’s Motel on SR11 between Bloomsburg and Danville where he lived. While she was dropping the check off GEISWITE introduced her to a woman named Jolena (BRANDT) whom he said was his current wife.

At the end of July, 2008 GEISWITE contacted HOCK again. He claimed that they went to the hospital for treatment for Jake but the doctors could not do anything for him and that Jake has only a couple of months to live. GEISWITE then told her that Jake had a wish to go to Disney World before he died. HOCK referred him to other organizations like Make A Wish and the Miracle Network. GEISWITE claimed he already tried those places and they had already set up a visit by a NASCAR driver for Jake.

Several days later GEISWITE called her again and said that he had arranged a cheap trip to Disney World for Jake through friends of his he met when he previously worked there in Florida. He said it would cost just under $2,000 for the trip and all expenses and requested financial assistance from HOCK’S Foundation to pay for it. HOCK then decided to help them for Jake’s sake. On July 31,2008 she wrote a check to GEISWITE for $2,000. She went to Subway by Giant in Scott Twp. where he worked to drop the check off. GEISWITE was not present but arranged for her to give the check of a fellow employee.

Several days prior to August 19, 2008 GEISWITE contacted HOCK again and told her that the vacation to Disney was fun. He said they took lots of pictures and he bought a T-shirt for HOCK. He did not ask her for any money during this call. Then on August 19th GEISWITE called her again and said that Jake had passed away. He told HOCK that it would cost $9,000 for the funeral and asked her for financial assistance for it. After HOCK questioned him about the high cost of the funeral, GEISWITE told her he had gotten the price reduced and also obtained money from other people. GEISWITE told HOCK that he still needed $1,500 for the funeral which was to be in the Kennett Square, PA area. HOCK agreed to give him the $1,500 and set up a meeting with him on August 21 st at the same Subway where he worked. HOCK wrote a check out to GEISWITE on August 20th for $1,500 and then met him at the Subway on August 21st. During that meeting GEISWITE again told her the story about Jake passing away and needing the money for the funeral. HOCK asked GEISWITE to write out a statement to her about the need for the money so she had it for tax purposes. GEISWITE wrote out a statement there for HOCK in which he reiterated the entire story about his son, Jacob Ezra GEISWITE, being sick and seen at St. Jude’s, taking him to Disney World for his final wish, and then Jacob passing away due to his medical condition and the funeral being set for August 22nd. After receiving the written statement from GEISWITE, on August 21st HOCK gave GEISWITE the check for $1,500.

HOCK stated that several days after the alleged funeral GEISWITE called her and said that he and his present wife, Jolena GEISWITE, were pregnant and having a girl. He claimed that they at least could find some joy in the pregnancy after Jacob having passed away.

HOCK stated that on September 1, 2008 she received information through a friend who knew the GEISWITE family and HOCK. The information was that Scott GEISWITE does not have a son and had stolen the money from HOCK through his deception. HOCK then tracked down and spoke with GEISWITE’S ex-wife and confirmed that they do not have a child together named Jacob, yet alone a child that just passed away from leukemia. HOCK also confirmed with her bank that all 3 checks she gave GEISWITE were cashed by him.

VICTIM #2: Reverend Allen ACOR

During the springtime and early summer time of 2008 Scott GEISWITE had contacted an acquaintance of his, Rev. ACOR, to assist GEISWITE and his alleged wife Jolena (BRANDT) with some financial difficulties. ACOR agreed to provide them financial assistance out of his personal money and not through the funds of the church that he belongs. Rev. ACOR provided GEISWITE with money via checks and cash on several occasions for legitimate personal needs and expenses such as rent, groceries, etc. However, at least two occasions were learned of in which GEISWITE deceived Rev. ACOR in attempts to gain money.

During this time period GEISWITE told Rev. ACOR that GEISWITE suffered from colon cancer. GEISWITE claimed that he needed money to go to the mid-western United States to receive treatment and surgery for the cancer. GEISWITE said that he needed between $400 and $500 to travel there for the treatment. Rev. ACOR ultimately did not provide GEISWITE money for this request.

Shortly before June 30, 2008 GEISWITE had Jolena BRANDT contact Rev. ACOR to request money.  BRANDT told Rev. ACOR that GEISWITE was working somewhere in Carolinas presently and had fallen off a roof. BRANDT claimed that GEISWITE had injured his shoulder and needed surgery. She told Rev. ACOR that she needed the money to go visit GEISWITE where he was at out of state. Rev. ACOR agreed to help them financially with this request. On June 30th Rev. ACOR wrote a check out in GEISWITE’S name for $400 and gave it to BRANDT. Rev. ACOR met BRANDT at the Buckhorn Truck Stop in Hemlock Twp. to give the check to her.


On September 7, 2008 I interviewed Sarah REEDY, the ex-wife of Scott GEISWITE. She stated that she was married to him from 2004 until 2007. They do not have any children together and she is not aware of GEISWITE having any children at all. She stated that he is known for lying and for claiming he fathered children when in fact those claims are false. She stated she is not aware of any girlfriends that he had who he could even claim he had kids with.  On September 7, 2008 I interviewed Harold GEISWITE, the father of Scott GEISWITE. He stated that he is not aware of Scott having any children at all. He is also not aware of any children passing away recently that Scott could have claimed were his. He stated that Scott is a pathological liar and has claimed on numerous occasions to have fathered children with different girls when in fact none of those claims have proven to be

On September 9, 2008 I spoke with Detective Jack TREVISAN of the Kennett Square Police Department. The purpose was to check the address of 115 First St. Kennett Square, PA that Scott GEISWITE provided as being the address of where his alleged son Jacob and his mother Rebecca REEDY, or Rebecca GONZALEZ live. Det. TREVISAN stated no such address exists in Kennett Square and there is no First St. in town. He
also checked his databases for Jacob’s alleged mother and found no records. On September 9, 2008 I contacted the Chester County Coroner’s office. Kennett Square is located within Chester County. Records of a Jacob GEISWITE, Jacob GONZALEZ, or Jacob REEDY passing away in the past several months were checked and no record of any such death was found On September 9, 2008 I spoke with Montour County Probation Officer Amy PARKES. She is the probation officer of Scott GEISWITE. She confirmed that GEISWITE had never applied for permission to leave the state of PA or go to North or South Carolina since starting probation in May, 2008. PARKES also stated that GEISWITE came to see her on this date after having been interviewed by your Affiant over the past weekend.  GEISWITE told her all the same lies that he had told Nancy HOCK about having a child dying of leukemia.


On September 6, 2008 I interviewed the Defendant, Scott GEISWITE. This interview was specific to the incidents with the Nancy Shuman HOCK Foundation. GEISWITE started off by telling me the same lies that he had told HOCK. He told me that he has a 6 year old son named Jacob who lives with his mother in Kennett Square, PA. He told me that Jacob had been sick and subsequently died of leukemia a couple weeks ago and he attended the funeral. He told me that he obtained money from HOCK on 3 occasions in order to deal with Jacob’s treatment, trip to Disney, and funeral.

After I disproved the information GEISWITE told me relative to Jacob and Jacob’s alleged mother Rebecca, GEISWITE then admitted to me that he lied. He stated that he fabricated the entire story about having a son, having a son dying of leukemia, and having a son that died. He stated that he does not have any children to any women. He stated he has no family members or close friends who have kids who are sick with leukemia.  GEISWITE stated that he has financial problems with paying rent, buying groceries, paying bills, etc. He stated that he needed money so when he heard about HOCK’S Foundation he concocted the entire story in an effort to deceive her for money. He stated he got money from her on 3 occasions for a total of $5,850 with the false stories that he told her. He stated that he cashed the 3 checks and spent the money on his bills and personal expenses.

On September 6, 2008 I interviewed Jolena BRANDT regarding the Nancy Shuman HOCK Foundation.  She stated she is not married to GEISWITE but he is her boyfriend. She originally told me the story about GEISWITE having a son who died of leukemia recently. After being confronted with evidence to the contrary, BRANDT stated that GEISWITE had lied to her about the entire story and she did not know anything to the
contrary. She stated she was not certain that he had a child, yet alone one that was sick. She stated that they never went to a funeral as GEISWITE had stated to HOCK. She also stated that GEISWITE told BRANDT the first check that he got from HOCK was for his other son Andrew’s funeral. She stated that he told her that he had Andrew with his ex-wife Sarah (REEDY). BRANDT also stated that she is not nor was not ever pregnant with GEISWITE.

On September 8, 2008 I interviewed Jolena BRANDT regarding the Rev. ACOR incident. She stated that GEISWITE told her to ask Rev. ACOR for money to go visit GEISWITE in the Carolinas. GEISWITE told her to tell Rev. ACOR that GEISWITE had fallen from a roof and injured his shoulder there. She told Rev. ACOR the story and that GEISWITE needed treatment and she needed the money so she could go visit him in the Carolinas during his treatment there. Rev. ACOR gave her a check that he wrote in GEISWITE’S name.  She stated that she knew this story was false because GEISWITE had been with her and she knew he did not leave the state or suffer any such injury. She participated in this deceptive story because GEISWITE told her if she did not then they would not be able to afford their rent. GEISWITE later cashed the check and used the money for personal expenses and bills.

On September 9, 2008 I interviewed Scott GEISWITE again. He stated that he did ask Jolena BRANDT to ask Rev. ACOR for money. He had Jolena tell Rev. ACOR a story about GEISWITE being injured in South Carolina and needing shoulder surgery. GEISWITE stated that this story was false and he was not out of state this year and did not have any surgeries or injuries to his shoulder. He stated that they made this story up so he could get some more money from Rev. ACOR. GEISWITE stated he cashed the check and used the money for personal expenses and bills. GEISWITE also admitted that the whole story that he told Rev. ACOR about having colon cancer and needing treatment in the mid-west was false. GEISWITE stated that he does not have colon cancer, never was advised by medical personnel that he had colon cancer, and that he made the story up to try to get money from Rev. ACOR.

During this interview I again went over the incident with HOCK. GEISWITE told me that he does not have children, his name is not on any children’s birth certificates, and the entire story he told HOCK was false. I then inquired to him if he had spoken to his probation officer. He said that he talked to her and told her the truth on everything. Upon informing him that I talked to her and he had lied to her about having a son dying of cancer, GEISWITE hung his head and said that he lied to her. He told me that he has a problem and is a pathological liar. He told me that he needs help and he does not know why he does it. He told me that he would call his probation officer in the morning and apologize to her for lying.

Based on the above facts this criminal complaint and affidavit are being filed against Scott GEISWITE.

Original Document can be downloaded here.

Current status of the case can be accessed here.